A little time and keyboard: hike through dense forests, explore the canyons and creeks of Ridley Creek State Park, Pennsylvania

2021-11-12 09:31:45 By : Mr. Ayuntou Sh

Ridley Creek State Park in Pennsylvania has 2,606 acres of grass and woodland and 13 miles of trails. This reserve is close to Philadelphia and Valley Forge, making it an excellent natural addition to vacations in many areas. When researching hiking locations for our trip, I highly recommend Ridley Creek State Park, it really lives up to expectations!

Wander the yellow and white trails of Ridley Creek State Park

For most of our hikes, we did hike along the yellow trails and then along the white trails. On a hot day, the dense forest provides us with a very popular shade. In general, during our Wednesday adventure we found that the nature trails were quiet and there were few hikers. The head of the trail is very dense, so we initially thought we would pass through tall grass. However, we soon found a clearer trail.

Ridley Creek State Park has historical sites, including the stone farm site and the Pennsylvania Colony Plantation, which is an 18th century farm. We found a very interesting old greenhouse that was once used for research by a local technical college.

The trails of Ridley Creek meander through rocky terrain. At some point, we gained altitude by walking along the ridge. Ridley Creek and other creeks run through it. We explored easy-to-navigate paths and some more challenging combinations for them.

Glittering from the forest floor, we found mica flakes. One of the main rocks forming the Ridley Creek landscape is mica schist. When hiking, you may find mica-glossy rocks or these shimmering flakes on the forest floor.

Jubilant green forests, various sand trails, muddy soil, rugged rocks, tree roots and pine needles, gentle creeks and happy busy wildlife, welcome us to experience an exciting hike in Ridley Creek State Park . We enjoy the time wrapped in nature from our busy daily life.

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