2021 Lexus ES facelift is now available in Malaysia-3 variants, F Sport, starting from RM296k

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The 2022 Lexus ES facelift has arrived in Malaysia. This premium sedan made its debut at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show in April this year. It has been slightly modified in the appearance department, enhanced comfort, improved safety, and adopted a new F Sport variant. This is the first time ES is available in F Sport trim.

The premium of the 2022 Lexus ES series starts at RM295,663. The ES 250 Luxury is priced at RM329,910, while the F Sport you see here is priced at RM345,134. The on-road price does not include insurance, but CBU imported cars are exempt from 50% sales tax, valid until the end of this year. There are many things to open, let's get started.

Together with the flagship LS, ES is the oldest nameplate of the Lexus brand. It is one of the two models launched with the brand in 1989. It is also Lexus's best-selling model, with sales of more than 2.65 million vehicles and it has been sold in about 80 countries. Even in the SUV era, ES is still the core model of the brand.

The current seventh-generation sedan was launched here in September 2019 and has the boldest appearance of ES to date. The "provocative and elegant" design is obviously more emotional and dynamic than the car it replaces. Lexus said that this "primary LS" body includes a more spacious and exquisite cab, and the rear legroom is ahead of its class. Compared with the previous generation ES, this ES is 66 mm longer, 46 mm wider, and 51 mm longer wheelbase. The larger footprint and 5mm lower height help create a stylish appearance.

What makes this possible is a wider and longer chassis-Global Architecture K (GA-K) is essentially the Lexus version of Toyota's New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, which also supports the current XV70 Toyota Camry.

There is nothing wrong with this smooth design, so the changes for the 2022 model are limited to details. The spindle grille has a new plug-in, which is a collection of L-shaped components that "emphasize lateral flow". It looks more complicated than the simple downward flowing lines before the facelift.

This is the standard grille for Premium and Luxury. F Sport has its own mesh pattern consisting of interlocking L elements with dark metal finishes. The same pattern is repeated on the side cuts, which are larger than those on the standard bumper. There are no chrome bars here either.

There are also slight changes to the headlights. The ES 250 Premium dual LED projector unit uses a new inner frame design, while the ES 250 Luxury and F Sport compact three-beam LED projector headlights use a new LED daytime running light design. As usual with Lexus, ES has a keen eye.

Two new colors have been added to the ES palette, they are Sonic Iridium and Sonic Chrome, which are similar to shades of gray (the latter is darker). Sonic Quartz, Sonic Titanium, graphite black glass flakes, red mica crystal luster, Ice Ecru Mica Metallic and Deep Blue Mica complete the eight-color menu.

F Sport is available in two unique colors-Hot Blue Contrast Layered or White Nova Glass Flake, as shown in the picture-in addition to all standard options, except for Ice Mica Metallic and Dark Blue Mica.

This sporty model is also equipped with a rear spoiler, dark-colored taillight housing, F Sport badge on the front fender and 19-inch alloy (235/40 tires) in dark high-quality metallic paint. Black, basically. Premium and Luxury continue to use 18-inch wheels (235/45 tires)-the former uses a new multi-spoke design with dark gray metallic paint, while the latter uses "noise reduction" turbo rims with Hyper Chrome metallic paint.

This is great news for those who want something other than the all-black cabin (still available, don't worry), because ES now offers hazelnut interior (tan) and walnut palm wood trim. The luxurious trim adds another medium brown called fuchsia, with walnut black trim. F Sport has the fiery Flare red and black theme you see here, with aluminum trim. Is it too much for you? As always, all black is an option (the F Sport does not have brown).

This flame red and black interior theme is unique to F Sport, but it is also available in all black

Lexus has improved its infotainment system, with the main goal being ease of use. ES does not have a comprehensive Tazuna concept, but the full-color 12.3-inch display is now a touch screen (Luxury and F Sport, 8.0 inches for Premium, no change in size), it is now 112 mm closer to the occupant in order to welcome fingers. Degree angle.

The system-with Luxury and F Sport navigation-can also be controlled via the remote touchpad next to the shift lever. All USB ports on the ES are now Type C, which conforms to the latest equipment.

F Sport has more unique items. Package includes sports seats; steering wheel with perforated leather instead of wood trim, red stitching and F Sport logo; matching shift knob in dented leather (red stitching on the luggage compartment); plus aluminum pedals . The analog clock next to the touch screen also has a different dial-it looks like a carbon print from a distance, but it is actually an L-shaped graphic.

LR: F Sport’s main dial slides from the middle to the right; standard fixed instrument cluster

The party part of F Sport is a movable instrument. The sliding main dial was first used in the LFA supercar and has been used in the F Sport variant of the mainline model for some time. Basically, it is a physical ring that can move from the center to the right, giving way to more information on the left. There is a page to track G-force-yes, G-force in Lexus ES.

Inside the ring is a digital main dial, which can change the graphics according to the drive mode. Speaking of this, one of Lexus's quirks is to place the drive mode dial on the side of the instrument panel, like an ear. The non-F sports car has an instrument panel, which is a combination of digital and physical fuel and temperature gauges.

What remains unchanged under the hood is that the Lexus ES 250 is powered by a 2.5-liter Dynamic Force four-cylinder engine, which produces 204 hp at 6,600 rpm and 247 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. The direct injection A25A-FKS naturally aspirated device is paired with the Direct Shift traditional eight-speed automatic transmission to transmit driving force to the front wheels. Steering gear shift paddles are standard.

In addition to black, Premium and Luxury also get wood trim and two new brown leather options

Lexus said that the transmission uses an ultra-thin torque converter and a multi-disc lock-up clutch, giving people the direct feeling of a dual-clutch system, while having the smoothness of a traditional torque converter automatic transmission. When a large throttle input is detected, a direct connection to downshift allows the transmission to skip gears. The 0-100 km/h sprint is completed in 9.1 seconds, and the top speed can reach 210 km/h. Provide Eco, Normal and Sport driving modes.

The ES suspension consists of a front McPherson strut and a rear double wishbone. Although this has not changed, Lexus said that by increasing the rigidity of the rear, the ride comfort and handling have been improved-they have added a bracket for this. Luxury and F Sport get what Lexus calls performance dampers—they "can absorb even the smallest instance of frame compression and/or bending" to eliminate any resonance that might cause noise.

The standard of the ES series is the Lexus Safety System (LSS), and the latest version of the kit sees the pre-collision system (PCS or AEB) through millimeter wave radar and monocular camera sensors for enhanced daytime cyclist detection. By increasing the camera's sensitivity and dynamic range, pedestrian recognition in some low-light situations has also been improved.

F Sport (left) is equipped with 19-inch black wheels, mesh design grille and luggage spoiler

Other LSS elements are Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (DRCC) with Stop & Go; Lane Keeping Assist; Lane Tracking Assist (LTA) and Lane Departure Alert (LDA); and Adaptive High Beam System (AHS). AHS now has BladeScan technology, which uses an LED light source to shine on a high-speed rotating blade mirror, and then transfer it to the lens to illuminate the road ahead.

The afterimage effect prevents the light from appearing to be moving, and BladeScan precisely controls the light distribution by synchronizing the rotation of the blade mirror and turning on and off the LED lights. This sounds very complicated, but basically, compared to regular AHS, this is to shield the light more intelligently (for oncoming cars) while expanding the range of the high beam.

Another lighting technology is the new adaptive headlight system (AFS), which calculates vehicle speed and steering input to guide the low beam in the direction of travel. It is useful in winding roads and urban driving. It illuminates the road "in advance" to improve driving confidence. The ES also has rear intersection warning (RCTA) and parking assist brake (PKSB). The latter is like Perodua's pedal misoperation control.

Other new and standard additions are the Nanoe-X negative ion generator and tilt sensor, which will sound an alarm when the car is tilted, such as when being towed away.

This is a breakdown of the specifications for the rest of the kit. The entry-level RM295,663 Premium is equipped with dual LED headlights with automatic high beams, LED DRL with turning lights, keyless entry with one-button start (with smart card key), sunroof, automatic wipers, electronic with automatic hold function Parking brake, automatic folding/memory/reverse link rearview mirror, automatic steering adjustment, dual-zone automatic air conditioning with pollen filter and Nanoe-X, electrochromic rearview mirror, automatic rear parasol and Pioneer 10 speaker audio system.

In the seat part, Premium is equipped with eight-way ventilation and electric front seats (driver memory), and the interior is NuLuxe synthetic leather. Ten airbags and LSS are standard equipment, minus the AHS high beam.

The display is now a touch screen; ventilated seats are standard; only Luxury has a rear seat control panel

RM329,910 Luxury adds an additional cost of approximately RM35,000. The list includes performance dampers, noise reduction wheels, ultra-compact three-beam LED projector headlights with washers, AFS and AHS, sequential LED turn signals, electric luggage with kick function, three-zone AC, ambient lighting , Rear window sunshade (manual), 12.3-inch touch screen with navigation function, head-up display, panoramic monitor and Qi wireless charger.

As for the seats, Luxury's main seat comes with 10-way adjustment, four-way lumbar adjustment (from two adjustments), cushion length adjustment and front passenger seat memory. The seats are heated and the backrests of the rear seats have an electric reclining function. There is also a control panel in the foldable armrest for seat, audio and air conditioning functions. The interior here is semi-aniline leather.

RM345,134 F Sport has all the above-mentioned decorative equipment, but also loses some luxurious comfort packages, such as three-zone AC (back to two), additional driver seat adjustment (back to eight directions), driver seat Cushion length adjustment, front passenger seat memory, seat heating, rear seat tilt, rear seat control panel, rear window sunshade and ambient lighting. The sporty type is about 15,000 ringgit more expensive than the luxury type.

By the way, despite the improvements, the prices of Premium and Luxury are several thousand ringgit cheaper than when they were introduced here in 2019 before the facelift, so this beautiful sedan is also a bargain. The latest Lexus ES 250 will be listed in the showroom on October 31, and the order book will be open today. What do you think of the latest ES and F Sport?

Gallery: 2022 Lexus ES 250 F Sport

Oops, the front looks scary, while the internal dashboard looks disjointed and outdated.

My proton is 10 times higher than this

Basically the more expensive Camry. The same body platform. But of course it looks better

"0-100 km/h sprint completed in 9.1 seconds"

This is Lexus, not BMW

I really hope you drive in the sprint and keep measuring the time required to get the car you want and finish it in the sprint. I really did.

At the same time, the wealthy who own these models have other things to worry about.

I am currently driving w213. It is big but not slow at all. I think. In the future, own other large high-end cars. No matter what stability. It doesn't mean that I want to drive fast all the time. It's just that these performance numbers are very different for the same market segment.

The beautified and overpriced Camry is like this

The person who bought it must be super stupid

Never say extra stupid, when you have never had it.

Since you think so, it must be you.

It’s not me, only those who say this is Extra Stupid, will never own one

Mashya Allah…nie banyak mahal la…anthe Boley Beli lain Kereta la….BMW atau Benz…kalau tarak ante beli itu Unta la….ohhhh Habibi…

Much cheaper than 5 series and E grade

Both are RWD, this is just FWD. The price is cheaper, but the specifications are also cheaper.

With all turbocharging and electrification, a 300k luxury car performs poorly in a 0-100 sprint in about 10 seconds. Mechanically, it is really outdated, to say the least.

Is there anything to say about the updated IS?

There are too many red seats.

It's ugly, the interior is too 20 years ago. Shameful

Think logically. When everything is new, how can you say that this is 20 years of interior design?

The performance output is disappointing.

Someone here mentioned that this is not BMW, this is Lexus. If you want speed, go to BMW or Mercedes. But safety is more important than speeding. It is necessary to see how many people are involved in the daily accidents in Malaysia.

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