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2021-11-12 09:30:58 By : Ms. Connie lv

F Sport modified some internal and external elements (all photos: Lexus Malaysia)

The Lexus ES series was launched together with the flagship LS and has been loved by executives since 1989. It has never stopped developing, and the latest generation has better comfort, performance and stylish appearance.

The new F Sport model has all the qualities of the classic ES 250 that you know and love, but has undergone a slight facelift, and some internal and external elements have been modified to bring a more sporty and more stylish luxury car to the already handsome luxury sedan. Eye-catching appearance.     

The main improvements include the imposing spindle-shaped grille, which now uses a mesh pattern and consists of interlocking L-shaped parts with dark metal finishes. The cutouts on both sides of the front panel also use the same black mesh, but the openings are wider than ES 250 Premium and Luxury. In order to complement the new grille, the ultra-compact LED headlights are newly designed and equipped with daytime running lights to add a touch of brilliance to their sharp eyes. Other unique exterior accessories include a rear spoiler and a set of 19-inch alloy wheels with dark high-quality metal finishes.  

Two new shades of gray have been added to the ES palette-the cool Sonic Iridium and Sonic Chrome-bringing up to eight options for ES 250 Premium and Luxury. On the other hand, the new hot blue contrast layering and white nova glass flake tones are unique to F Sport, but two new gray or graphite black glass flakes and red mica crystal luster can also be ordered.  

New interior color themes can also be used to beautify the cabin, including the combination of ES 250 Premium and Luxury's black interior with walnut black trim or hazelnut interior with walnut brown trim. The latter also has a distinctive fuchsia red in walnut black. Fitting the F Sport's characteristics is the Flare Red interior with aluminum trim, but it is also available in all black.

The multimedia display in the cockpit has been repositioned to improve maneuverability, especially 112 mm from the occupant and 5 degrees from the driver. Except for the wireless charging tray, all ports have been upgraded to USB Type-C connectors to be consistent with the latest devices. The new model is now also equipped with a Nanoe-X negative ion generator, which can purify and improve the cabin air quality-this is a very useful feature, especially at such times.

The core of the F Sport dashboard is undoubtedly the movable instrument, which is inspired by the digital instrument in the LFA super sports car. It moves to the right to display more driving information. Above the head, an enlarged skylight allows natural light to enter and enhance the spaciousness of the cabin.  

Under the hood, the 2.5-liter DOHC A25A-FKS gasoline engine remains unchanged. With features such as multi-hole direct injection, continuously variable capacity fuel pump, variable cooling system and VVT-iE on the intake valve, the long-stroke engine is designed to provide effortless acceleration with impressive efficiency, making the car more efficient. After sprinting from zero to 100 in 9.1 seconds, the top speed reached 210 km/h. And through the muffler in the air intake system, the overall engine noise is reduced.

Lexus' dedication to safety is also prominent in this regard. Although the Lexus safety system is still standard, the latest model includes an update to the pre-crash system, which enhances the detection of cyclists during the day and pedestrian recognition in low light conditions. Adaptive high beams are now more advanced, using BladeScan technology, which can intelligently expand the lighting range without obstructing oncoming or forward vehicles. All versions of the ES 250 also provide rear cross traffic warning and parking assist brake, both of which help to reduce damage in the event of a collision in a parking lot and other places.

Ravindran K, President of Lexus Malaysia, said: “As one of the most accomplished executive cars on the road, the Lexus ES 250 is admirable for its impeccable engineering and styling, satisfying any discerning taste.” Combined with Lexus’ attention to detail In order to pursue excellence, the improvement of updated models will always retain Lexus ES 250 as the preferred sedan. "

Lexes ES 250 F Sport starts at RM345,134, ES 250 Premium starts at RM295,663.50, and ES 250 Luxury starts at RM 329,910.50. All the prices mentioned are without insurance on the road, and SST is currently exempted before the end of the year. Book a test drive here.

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